Traveling Alaska 2021, seeking landscapes, wildlife and wildflowers.

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Alaska 2021 Summer Travels

While traveling Alaska from June through September I want to share the beauty of the state. It's an amazing place to see with glaciers, lakes, rivers small cities (mostly), and lots of wildlife. I hope to give those who can't travel here a glimpse of this beautiful place from their armchair.

Blog Post - Jul 04, 2021
Blog Post - Jul 04, 2021

Who doesn't love a moose? I am quite a bit behind in starting my blog due to not having cell in many places as we travel. This moose was actually on the trail in Kincaid Park, Anchorage. We spent a few hours hiking about 4 miles in the park on a great trail suitable for most any one and families included. There are miles of trail in Anchorage and it can be hard to pick one. We had limited time so this was our choice in late June when we arrived to start our adventure. 

I should back up a bit though, because part of the adventure was getting to Alaska. We traveled by RV in 2015 and drove through Canada before getting on an Alaskan ferry and then traveling the inside passage of the various islands that are only accessible by boat or plane. Due to Covid and the Canadian border not open, we could not drive through Canada to get to Alaska. We decided not to postpone our trip another year and ultimately drove to Tacoma, WA to put the RV and our jeep on a transport ship with Tote Maritime. They were so efficient, friendly and helpful and we would highly recommend them to anyone needing to ship a vehicle. We flew to Anchorage and waited the 3 days it took for the RV to arrive.

Once in Anchorage we did a little hiking, a little trip planning, photoghraphy of course and really had fun watching the sea planes come and go from Lake Hood which is one of the largest sea plane ports in the world.

We retrieved the RV on June 22nd, left Anchorage on June 24th after we stocked the refrigerator and filled up with gas and propane. We took several days to enjoy the scenery and making stops along the way until we arrived in Valdez, AK on June 27th. Those travels will be in the next post when I have cell service again. We leave Valdez on July 5 to head to McCarthy, AK which is an amazing town full of rich history and historical buidings. 



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